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Web design is a process. Web design involves building all aspects of the website, including layout, content, and graphics. Responsive website are designed to provide a seamless navigation experience from desktop to mobile with an emphasis on minimal page resizing, panning, or scroll scrolling. With the constantly rising popularity of smart devices such smartphones, the demand for websites that are viewable on small displays and multiple screen sizes is no longer an option, it is mandatory.

Key Benefits of Responsive Design:

Easy to Manage: With one site to manage, you will only have one SEO campaign to manage. With a responsive website, you also can create a separate SEO strategy for your mobile site for keywords that are more likely to be searched when someone is using their smartphone.

Flexibility: As mentioned before, responsive website design gives your web content the ability to adapt to any screen or device from the largest desktop to the smallest smartphone. Responsive websites allow images to be automatically adjusted when users switch from a large screen to a smaller screen without image resolution being compromised which is paramount to a flawless experience as someone transitions from one screen to another.

Strongly Recommended by Google: Google states that responsive web design is its recommended configuration. In fact, Google tends to give favor to responsive design over any other type of website design. Allowing sites to have one URL and the same HTML, responsive web design makes it easier for users to share, interact, and link to content.


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 Today, users expect the most out of their technology. This is where Kiraly Marketing can help you. Our web design program uses flexible and customizable technology so that when a user switches from their laptop to tablet, the webpage will automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities. This saves the user from dealing with frustration of content restriction on a smaller platform, and creates a superior user experience. If you would like to create a better user online experience with responsive website design and ensure a more consistent flow of prospects contact Kiraly Marketing.