Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic Call Tracking (ACT) is a one of our main areas of focus because it allows us to track which marketing channels generate the most phone calls. Call tracking is incredibly important for companies that rely on conversions or leads gained through phone calls. It works by displaying unique tracking phone numbers on ads that consumers call, which redirects them to the company’s phone.

While increasing the amount of inbound phone calls is very important for any business, they mean very little if the person or people answering the calls is not effective at booking an appointment. That’s why we listen to all of the calls that come and critique them for you. You invest a lot of money to market your practice, it should not go to waste!

By tracking, recording and listening to the calls, we are able to get a sense of where your team’s strengths and weaknesses are and that is where the real value of our overall service shines through. We work with your team to improve their appointment setting and closing skills to ensure every opportunity is maximized and you are booking as many consults as you can handle.

Track Your Call’s and Profits Here’s How It Works!

Track Your Call's and Profits Here's How It Works!