Kiraly Marketing is the Brain Child of Todd Friedman

A former technician of high end automobiles, Todd is proud to harness the problem solving and analytical skills he learned while diagnosing and repairing rare vehicles and bring it the forefront to provide an invaluable service to medical practices and clinics. Just like you use your knowledge and experience along with the most cutting edge technology, we do the same. Our mission is to not just provide you with the best marketing campaigns that bring you quality prospects, but we’re also here to help turn you into the authority on your specific area of practice within your marketplace. On top of that, our cutting edge technology allows us to assist you in maximizing EVERY opportunity and ensure your marketing efforts are bringing you your most ideal clients.

Unlike other companies, Kiraly Marketing offers a personalized approach just for you and your company. We market to get your potential clients’ attention and to generate leads and most importantly, conversions. We analyze and pinpoint where your company can increase profits as well as grow exponentially. Whether you want more conversions or better engagement, Kiraly Marketing will create the strategies so you can reach your goals. We provide our clients with the best marketing applications to gather data, save money, and create a solid return on investment.

Our team makes marketing easy and efficient so you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time or money. We do all we can to focus on opportunities to drive more traffic towards your site and most importantly convert that traffic to paying customers. With our marketing techniques, we will be able to track visitor activity and analyze any behavior that would suggest any problems in your sales funnel.

Some of our core strategies revolve around

  • Analytic Call Tracking
  • Automated Email Follow Up
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Video Marketing
  • Website Design

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