3 Ways to Reactivate Past Patients (Lost Clients)

3 Ways to Reactivate Past Patients (Lost Clients)

If your practice has been having a slow month, there is a quick and easy solution to evening out your numbers. While it may seem like a no-brainer, many practices overlook ideas like this in favor of more marketing and increasing the budget.

We’re talking about reaching back out to your past patients. Now Wait! Before you go clicking the back button, here are three ways to do it. You might have already known about some of these techniques, but perhaps not others so here we go.

  • Facebook custom audience – One of the greatest functions of Facebook is its custom audience feature. You can take a list of clients, upload it to Facebook, Facebook will go through your list and identify all of your patients with Facebook profiles. From there a custom ad can be created only to be seen by those patients specifically. You can custom tailor an offer specifically to them that no one else will see. These hyper-focused types of campaigns work very well, are cost effective, and can get a large number of your previous patients back in to see you.


  • Voice Drop – Also known as Ringless Voicemail, this is a great way to get your previous patient to CALL you. With this type of client reactivation, your previous patients receive a voicemail on their cellphones FROM you. It’s from your phone number and the message they listen to has YOUR voice on it. You can offer anything you can think of to entice them to come back. This is not only a fast method of reactivating past patients, it’s also very cost effective because of its low cost to high yield ratio.


  • Lastly, an the most obvious, and most tried-and-true method of reaching out to past patients is of course, email. But there is so much that can be done with email today. In fact, if you DON’T take advantage of the many options with email today, you’re seriously losing out. These days you can include video with your emails. Why not instead of sending your previous patients a standard text email, you send a video broadcast? Or there’s always a full on designed email with graphics and text that is visually stunning and certainly eye catching. No one likes boring emails so make sure if you’re going to use email to make the messaging strong, and the actual email itself stand out!

Want to REALLY set your past patient marketing on fire and ensure you get the best return? Combine 2 of these strategies or all three together to get the best response possible in the shortest amount of time.